Silver Lake

Vintage Evan Piccone velvet blazer | F21 striped skirt | LF Stores shimmer top
Semi-aimlessly tagged along with the bf to check out some apartments in the Silver Lake area... They are either perfect with no parking, or a bit too small with parking. The pros and cons have been teeter-tottering quite a bit. Fortunately, most of the locations we perused have either been close to LA Mill or Alcove. Both pretty big winners, but I gotta say Alcove takes the cake. Anyway, having unpredicted the unexpected amounts of walking, I was at least grateful that I wore my comfy ankle boots. I was also equally lucky that I dressed warm enough for when the sun started setting and the breeze set in. On a side note, the almost exactly matching hues of my skirt with the flowers was completely unintentional.


  1. That skirt is pretty amazing. What a find!


  2. Love the total color combination!! Nicely done! Great body too!



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