Just What I Needed

Esley Collection eternity scarf | Uniqlo jean leggings | H&M striped top | hooded sweater from Korea

The majority of my weekend was allocated to quality time (minus saturday morning at school). Despite clothes for Fall/Winter season quickly filling all stores, I still haven't found any pieces that call out my name to add to my wardrobe. I ended up with a fascinator-like hat that'll possibly be worked around for a potential Halloween costume and some unexpected large earrings. I rarely wear earrings anymore, so I was surprised to see such a pair at F21 that made me want to rekindle that accessory romance. We'll see. They may just end up at the bottom of my jewelry drawer. In the meantime, hoping to conjure up some Halloween plans... catch up on some updated k-pop songs, and do some more...shopping.


  1. love this outfit!cute the stole.


  2. The scarf is such a nice addition of texture of the outfit. I think you just need a beret, and you'd look like you walked out of a picture of a gorgeous Parisienne.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  3. loved your scarf and booties! You have such a great style!
    loved your blog, check out mine someday!

  4. Oh, how effortlessly cool! Love the striped top and your boots look just so fabulous on you!


    sun from http://blog.misspouty.com/

  5. great face expression, lovely look <3


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