Obscure Night

Banana Republic blazer | H&M striped top | F21 cordoroy buttoned skirt
After receiving a flyer from a vintage booth I stumbled upon at the Los Feliz Street Fair, I was excited to attend my first It's a Current Affair vintage pop-up marketplace. Located at the Cooper Building in downtown on a Saturday night, it was actually very quiet and dark, with a surplus of street parking which was a bit confusing at first. But once I went up to the penthouse floor, it was quite the opposite. Vintage lovers, tequila tasting, complimentary cocktails, Smart Water, and Angeleno magazines galore. I must say, I have yet to taste yummier cocktails. Honey liquor with Izze ginger sparkling juice and vodka with pomogranate liquor and a touch of Izze grapefruit. They even created lounging teepees which were reminiscent of make-shift forts from when I had a bunk bed back in grade school. Will be back in December. And yes, I understand the last photo is a bit too much Asian for some... Haha.
Oh, and all photos were taken with my new bff, the Galaxy SII.


  1. Angela, in Korea I found a HUGE HUGEEEE vintage store too,next time you are here check it out at Jongro 5. It is kind of amazing and refreshing to see non conforming Koreans hehe.

    This looks so cool, I want to check it out when I am in LA.


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