NYC Daybook

My trip to New York was almost just as expected. Incessant eating, walking around until my toes were beyond numb, and spending quality time with the sisters. I must say, Caracas was one of my faves. First time with arepas, and now a must find in Los Angeles. Any suggestions? Loved the decor, and I was fresh off a red-eye flight (hence sans make-up) but still managed to don a huge smile and walk around the rest of the day. Then we walked a million something miles across the Williamsburg bridge and between sketchy people-less blocks to get to the Smorgasbord in Brooklyn where we got some delish snacks- pictured with deep fried ice cream. And lastly, photos around Soho after the trade show. The weather was perfect... I prefer a bit warmer, but that's probably just the southern Cali girl in me. I found the perfect pair of jean leggings at Uniqlo after this money-making display was taken there. I'm actually having my sister buy me another pair in black cordoroy and having it sent to me!
Also, super excited for A Current Affair this weekend! I'm sad Bellsy (my shopping buddy/sister) won't be here to enjoy it with me.
(P.S. Please do not be shocked. I am now a proud owner of a smart phone)


  1. I'm so jealous, I've wanted to go to New York since forever! Still be unfortunate. You look gorgeous in these photos, like an off-duty model. xx

  2. Beautiful photos, doll! Lucky you, looks like fun! Lovin' the first outfit the most xoxo

  3. I LIKE THE SCARFFF pictureeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. miss you come back soon

  4. I love your outfits!
    I was in NYC recently. The best city in the world!


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