Hunting For Print

H&M horse printed blouse | LF stores zippered skinny jeans | RayBan cat sunglasses

Paralleling London fashion week's craze with print, I couldn't help myself from purchasing this horse printed blouse. I must admit there was slight hesitation considering its loudness compared to my usual wardrobe, but after trying it on at two different locations (once in LA and once in NY), it was mine. It isn't even pricey, I don't know why there was so much doubt. Anyway, it's one of my new favorite items. Perfect fit and loose in all the right ways. Now I'm on the hunt for equally fab printed blouses. Additionally, my mom arrived from her trip to Korea bearing gifts. Her first time back in 20+ years. It was mostly make-up, nail polish, a bunch of transportable food items, and a staple cardigan. Hence, I've been eating well and my nails are properly painted to my liking. It feels like my birthday. To top it all off, my sister is sending me my cordoroy skinny jeans from Uniqlo today... something to look forward to in the next few days. Also, planning on several outings for scrumptiousity for Dine LA in the next couple of weeks, including steak with my mom for her bday. The most supportive, understanding, loving, selfless, and beautiful person I know.


  1. Korea really does have some of the best fashion in the world, and I wish I had some family members there to send me gorgeous things. And Lioele makeup and Skin Food skincare. LOL.

    Happy Birthday to Angela's Mum!

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  2. love your shirt and how you styled it with the glossy pink heels!


  3. ONE WORD: PERFECT. Xx. J. from Germany.


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