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Eslcy Collection eternity scarf | F21 suspender trousers

Arriving a bit late, it was actually more fun viewing the stylized display windows than trying to shop around considering the unaffordable prices. I don't get over to Robertson Blvd. The Ralph Lauren display and D&G men's mannequin was most appealing. There wasn't much food to pick at, so instead I filled up on loads of champagne and cupcakes. The Phillip Lim 3.1 party was way too crowded for comfort so we ended the night a bit early with a picture in front of an amazing bookshelf wall, soon to belong to me when I get my own place with high ceilings.


  1. my goodness, Angela, you look amazing! I mean you always look amazing, but im in LOVE with the lipstick!

  2. Love your look, doll! xoxo


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