White and Blue

F21 shorts and shirt | Madewell tank | Zara boots

Had a very jam-packed schedule this past weekend. I stood in as a model for a friend, Alex, who wanted to practice his photography skills... and went to Vegas for a trade show. Hopefully the photos at Gise's fab house comes out okay! I'll post pictures as soon as they become available. Vegas was unbelieveably hot at a pretty constant startling 108 degrees. We just stayed one night... most of which was spent at the convention center. I got my nails done for free! Minx! They were complimentary at the trade show if you're willing to wait on a rather extensive list. They last for over 2-3 weeks as long as you're not a picker, scratcher, or dish-washer. These are very similar to the Sally Hansen Effects which you can do at home for a fraction of the cost.
Get yours Minx nails done by looking for a location here.


  1. Cool laid-back look! Love your booties xoxo


  2. Hi in ur 3 rd pic what cosmetics are u wearing and ur first pic what sunglasses are they?



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