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Shopping is best with my sister. Thus, we spent some quality time in Santa Monica this past weekend. I'm definitely going to miss her when she goes to NY. She never complains about wanting to leave or that she's tired, unlike the bf. Additionally, she's the honest voice when deciding whether or not to purchase. Obviously, I don't have any brother to compare with...but after a general observation of the brother filled world, but sisters are the way to go. All the hours of messing around with their hair...painting their nails...borrowing each other's clothes against our will...and always having a buddy to go to Korean saunas with, just can't be beat. At the risk of sounding cliche and semi-sappy, the list is seriously endless. Anyway, I'll stop here on the sisters before I boost their egos a little too much. Check out their fabulous blogs. Carapacer and Grange Escape.


  1. I've never had a sister, but I have best friends who drive me crazy with shopping because they are the perfect accomplices to buy things with. :)

    I wish I had a sister, too, esp as cute as you and your sisters. (Korean girls are the most beautiful beings in this world. I fault Kdramas for this feeling. HAHA! :)

    I do peace signs a lot, too. If you do the Asian/Korean "heart over head" pose, I'll know we're meant to be friends.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!


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