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DIY dress | UO tank | Ash wedge shoes

I'm excited to annouce that my other sister also started a blog! Check it out here. Just a random journal of her simplistic contemplations. So reflective of her personality.
In a failed attempt of trying to find something to wear, haha, I took a maxi dress that was a bit too short on me and cut it into a new one! I simply cut a half circle off the front after laying it flat, and then just rounded the back hem. Super comfy, and now this dress isn't just sitting in the bottom of a drawer. Unfortunately, this project was done late in the evening while watching tv (like all my other projects)... and thus has a very raw and jagged hem. But, I didn't mind too much... and left it as is. 


  1. Jagged and raw hems are kind of in right now--the extra texture is kind of a now-ish thing.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!


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