Trimana Time

C&C tank | Cotton On striped skirt | Sanctuary vest | H&M lace up heels

My quick stop at the bank, turned into getting a delish BLT sandwich and awesome spinach and carrot soup at my aunt's shop, Trimana. I was just planning on saying "hi" since I was right in the area, while the bf did his business at the bank, but couldn't resist the tantalizing smells. It was right around lunch time anyway. I can't get over how good the soup is. Which is probably why they have "Got Soup?" mottos everywhere. I hate salty soup. Like all the ones in a can or a box, or Quiznos, or Subway. But here, it's like it was cooked by my grandmother if she ever made hom
homemade American soup. I managed to browse through celebrities that are lookin a hot mess nowadays, and flip through a surprisingly gorgeous polka-dot theme photo shoot of Emma Stone in Elle mag. Additionally, I had to document the random zen garden by the stairs in this rather uptight high rise office building. On that note, I must say that I'm allllll about killing 2 6 9 birds with one stone. I usually find myself saying "Why do it tomorrow, if you can do it today? (often to the bf). Feel free to replace "tomorrow," with "later," "next weekend," "next time," "Monday," etc. and "today" with "NOW." Doesn't it just make sense? It also doesn't mean I'm running around like a frantic unorganized wedding planner. If you do it now, then you have something else to plan and do tomorrow. I find it hard to believe that you need to "save" something to "do" for another day just to have something to do. It only doesn't make sense that I get along with the bf so well considering his idea of a good weekend is equivalent to attaching himself to the couch.


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