Nail Tutorial and Frozen Hot Choco

Upon suggestion by a friend in regards to doing a nail tutorial..Here is my first one! I call it... the mosaic nails. Unfortunately, I didn't quite document the process, but I promise this is super quick and easy. Additionally, it lasts for quite a while because chipping is virtually goes unnoticed. First, I chose some colors out of my nail polish drawer within the same color palate...I did this before with all sorts of rainbow colors, so I wanted to try something different. I went with fuschia shades. I chose a red, purple, magenta, gray, and silver. Although I usually use a "dotting" nail stick thing, I couldn't find it. So I took a toothpick and pounded the end on a table so it would have a sort of flat tip. Then I simply started dotting my nails (as if you were going to do polka-dots) with the red. Then I added the purple, then the gray, then the magenta, and then the silver. As you continue with different colors, I just find empty spots and dot it. Even if it overlaps, etc. I just let my hand do whatever while watching tv. And ta-dah! Mosaic nails! Also, you get to see them in action while I was enjoying a frozen hot chocolate and Zeli's coffee shop. The equally tasty alternative to Serendipity.


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