Coffee and Langers Morning

LF cropped top | American Eagle shorts | Zara boots | Gap cropped jacket
You don't really think Langers when you're feeling breakfast. But the bf insisted. And here we are. I promise it isn't mayo on that bread. It's cream cheese. Oh yea, and that mural just intrigued me.


  1. Your legs are amazing, I admire them in every single post of yours!! Beautiful smile also! Love your blog!

  2. That looks tasty but also really fattening (which is usually the best type of food, no?).

    I want your legs. I always envy Korean girls for their legs. I don't know if you're Korea (I assume so because you wear lots of stuff your BF brings back from there) but correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, you have perfect legs, and I envy them.

    I'm a stump.


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