Paul and Jamie's Lovely Wedding

ArynK top | H&M pleated skirt

The venue, the food, the dessert bar, the flower girls, the surrounding bamboo, and of course, the lovely bride and groom. It was an absolutely gorgeous wedding...right down to the striped straws. My sister labored over the cupcakes up until right before the wedding. And they were quite the hit. Despite the hot weather, we had wooden sun umbrellas and fans to help with the heat. Additionally, the scene in every direction was breathtaking as the sun began to set... I scored this top at the ArynK sample sale right before the wedding, while my sister was finishing up the final frosting on the cupcakes. I have a slightly weird tan, but otherwise, it worked well with the skirt. The food was soo good. I had to take a picture of my sister's plate because it was way more organized than mine.
Congratulations Paul and Jamie!


  1. Such a lovely setting for the garden wedding, the weather looks perfect too :D Love your champagne top & the pleated skirt, Gorgeous <3



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