Student + Dying = Studying

LF Stores zippered skinny jeans | F21 buttoned tank | shoes from Korea

Looking rather peppy despite it being finals time. My apologies for those who have heard enough complaining on a rather personally bleak and oppressive state...aka cram studying. Can't get enough of all the flowers quickly in bloom. One of my mom's many hobbies, recently, has been gardening... which has made me more aware of plants, flowers, weeds, and nature in general. More so in regards to other people's yards. Not so much with random alleys like this.


  1. You've got such a lovely blog! Love your style! You've got beautiful photo's :)


  2. beautiful photos and beautiful outfit!

    I follow you!:)


  3. Lovely outfit and photos!

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  4. uhneeee! you can do itt.. study your butt off and we shall celebrate in niagara!


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