H&M tank and circle scarf | random trousers | Juicy sunglasses

The random weather in LA has left me constantly unsure about which portion of my closet I need to consider when getting dressed. Rainy one moment, sunny the next, gusts of wind in between. Shoes are a more confusing ordeal. Thus, pulled out a scarf I havent worn in a while with a rather forgotten neon tank. I can't believe I'll be done with the school year... as soon as I finish up my last two finals. Then off the NYC! I'm just completely bummed that shows no prospect of any sun while I'm there. All rain and t-showers. I'll have to adjust my plans for continuous ambling. After studying, went to My House in Hollywood for a graduation party. Good times. Congrats Jess!


  1. Oh I love the scarf with the bright neon! I so regret the fact that I didn't buy the scarf when I saw it a few months ago :(

  2. Love the bright top and scarf!

  3. lovely color combination

  4. Funk scarf! Love the outfit

  5. love your sunglasses and how you matched them with bright top! great color mix!!



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