Purple Rain

Vintage Evan Piccone velvet blazer | Primark purple tights | F21 top | H&M lace up heels

Just when I was putting together warm spring outfits in my head, I have been forced to pull my coats off the hanger again. I'm hoping this is early April showers... This jacket has been in my closet for over 15years. I believe my mom had me wear it as an oversized blazer when I was young... I hated it back then, but loving it now. Spent the weekend dreading the rain. But I did end up going to the MOCA at the Pacific Design Center to see the Rodarte Exhibit! (Beware: the rest of my post may have plot killing details for the movie Black Swan) The tutu's were absolutely gorgeous. There is a black section and a white section. The white section even had the final tutu from the movie with the blood on it. Although we were prohibited from taking any photos (both in and around the museum) we managed to take one by the fountain before we were notified of those rules. Pictures to come soon!


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