Angels Flight and Downtown

French Connection buttoned top; Zara pants; Clarks boat shoes; American Eagle striped scarf; Christian Dior vintage sunglasses

 Officially on spring break. Although I debated the whole ultimate mtv wild-a-thon (not really), I settled on kicking it off by seeing the Rodarte Exhibition at MOCA (they even have the original Black Swan costumes). After convincing the bf that it was going to be really interesting and will create nostalgic art school college days for him, to my defeated surprise, there are apparently three different MOCA locations. It's probably clear that I went to the wrong one...only realizing it after we got tickets, and frantically trying to find the exhibit on the brochure map thing while walking around. My only lucky break was that the museum happened to be free that day. The one we needed to go to was in West Hollywood, so unfortunately, neither one of us felt like driving all the way there after all the parking searching we did. Thus, we took a bunch of pictures and reevaluated how crazy big buildings are. We even got on the Angels Flight for just a shocking quarter. The last and only time I ever rode that was back in 8th grade during a random tour of Los Angeles- history type field trip. Memories.


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