Inbetween Weather

Cotton On sweater; F21 shorts; LF Stores knee high boots; Target socks; necklace gift from sister

I find this inbetween weather troubling and annoying. The not-yet-spring, yet sunny, yet freezing cold. These socks are super comfortable minus the occasional hoisting up and this sweater from Cotton On was a last minute desperate find of something to wear in this cold weather.
On a sidenote: after a heart-wrenching and anger provoking nightmare I experienced last night, my whole day seems a bit off. I've only further realized the extremely pretentious nature of the legal field that I am apparently venturing into and wondering if I'm going to end up a bitter old woman. I hate fakeness and needs to shmooz and kiss-up to random people. Yet, suffering the consequences of failing to do so (and hating those that do it). UGH.


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