Another Day

Michael Kors cardigan; Hollister long sleeve; Cotton On maxi dress; Target belt

I am overjoyed with the newfound 80degree January weather. It has me already fathoming minimal fabric summer must-haves... I'm over the winter sales already. Unfortunately, wanting to be outside has put my studies in the back-burner. This past weekend, I had my first taste of Carmella Ice Cream which my sister helps out with as her foodie hobby. They just opened an official shop in Pasadena (unfortunately not in Oldtown)... but wow. The flavors are all fresh and handmade. The mint, is not your usual pepperminty flavor, but infused from actual mint leaves. The waffle cones are made on location throughout the day and the dark chocolate is made with the actual cocoa beans prior to being made into chocolate. Definitely up to par with New Zealand Natural. On a sidenote, can't wait to equally indulge my tastebuds with  DineLA Restaurant Week.


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