Sunlight Deficiency Delirium

Fluxus scarf; Evan Piccone vintage blazer; F21 jeggings; UO leather backpack

The ridiculously incessant rain has me overworking the defroster in the car, instilling a craving for ice cream and refreshing drinks to balance the stuffiness. This meant taking my sisters on a dangerously addictive encounter with New Zealand Natural ice cream. After picking up my friend from the unbelieveably crowded LAX (exceeding the usual), I've been attached to my laptop for the past few hours in the wee morning, with my semi-attention given to Matchstick Men playing on tv. I hate that the weather has prevented my view of the advertised lunar eclipse that apparently was tonight. I also am not a fan of the immobile amount of layers I feel compelled to wear, and not having a viable solution to do something to my hair that is rain-proof. Before I continue on with this stream-of-consciousness complaining, I'm going to finish my tea and go to bed.


  1. new zealand ice cream is ok.. it is all bout ici up in the bay area.. i likeee the outfitttt


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