Scenic View Parking

Striped knee high socks, Target; Michael Kors camel coat; Forever 21 lace up boots; American Eagle striped circle scarf
John Varvatos Converse Hi-top Leather in Chill/Black

Maybe it's just me, but I failed to find any blog-worthy purchases over the Thanksgiving break. The Grove becomes a usual favorite when you just need some fresh air and semi-walking room. It was so incredibly packed, that we ended up parking on the top floor of the parking garage. Much to our surprise, the view from there merited a photo... although the Hollywood sign didn't quite make it in the picture. For some reason, I rarely end up buying anything at the Grove... but this time around, the bf snagged the John Varvatos Converse Hi-tops in chill/black at Nordstroms. Obviously not on sale, but worth it nonetheless. I tried to instill some holiday spirit with the holiday santa house and then called it a day. Now its time to really get crackin on my finals.


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