Yummy Martinis?

Zara tunic top and shorts; knee high boots from LF Stores

  Photos from a few weeks back (sorry for the slightly poor picture quality) when I went to Lola's thanks to a bloomspot coupon. Though I anticipated somewhere new that I've never been, I was pleasantly reminded when walking in that I had been there years before with my girlfriends due to their famous martinis (and recalled the photo of us posing with our martinis still on facebook). The bf ordered the Star F*cking Martini, and I'm guessing he just ordered it because vulgar drink names apparently amuses males. The food was okay, but the dessert would have me running back there again. Caramelized rum dipped warm bananas with vanilla bean ice cream and strawberries. Yes. Is your mouth watering? I love these boots but never had a chance to wear them until now. LF stores often times carry the greatest selection of shoes, boots, sandals, etc. Anyway, got to run off to class... but photos of Halloween non-debauchery to come.


  1. how in the world do you stay so slim eating all this food? what's the secret... i'll pay.


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