Oranges, Reds, and Yellows

Zara jacket; Fluxus scarf; Cotton On maxi dress; Urban Outfitter tee; Forever 21 lace up boots

Witnessing a rather "insert cliche adjective" sunset over the weekend required pulling out the camera and testing various flash, aperture, and other forgotten photographic lingo. I can't figure out if it's the lingering autumn clouds or the fab los angeles smog that produces these sunsets. Maybe a combo of both.
I got the Cotton On dress a while back without trying it on, only to realize that it falls at a slightly awkward length on  my body... a little too short for a maxi dress but too long to be calf-length. Thus, I folded over the straps to create a long skirt which has become such a staple with this unpredictable fall weather. The Fluxus scarf has been an equally convenient accessory...which I got for free just for signing up for their Fluxus membership card several months back during a promo they had when I was roaming around Larchmont. On a side note, I must check out a new churro joint that I read opened up in Santa Monica~ Has anyone been there yet?


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