My Hometown Paradiso Ice Cream

top, Nation Ltd; headpiece, Melrose/Fairfax Flea Market

Another ice cream post. After two more subsequent posts regarding ice cream, I will be able to make a substantial experienced conclusion on the best ice cream joint in Los Angeles. Paradiso is located in the heart of Montrose (Montrose shopping park area). Scandinavian ice cream. It failed to really meet my expectations for a few reasons that may not apply to others in evaluating ice cream. It was slightly melty (gelato-like) which I'm not a big fan of. I like my ice cream firm (like plastic spoon bending hard). The flavors were creative, but doesn't have the kick and striking flavor that I enjoy. The sweetness is pretty mild. So, I think this ice cream appeals to maybe my grandma's generation... They seem to hate things that are too sweet. This top is from the Nation Ltd sample sale and is super comfy; perfect for warm summers... which is apparently pretty much over? Oh, and please do not bypass your attention on the slighty blurry yet proudly self-painted animal print nails. :)


  1. what is on your head????? and you still havent gone to Saffron & Rose Ice Cream in Westwood


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