Eureka Breakfast Joint

tank, UO; cropped jeans, A&F; shoes, clarks

You gotta love Yelp. On a whim a couple of weeks ago, we decided to trust yelp and find a breakfast joint that we haven't tried. So, the chosen site was Eureka. Very random and unsuspecting location, but don't let that hinder you. Eureka creates homemade style breakfast food. Healthy and tasty. You can tell it wasn't massively created from pre-made anything. I got the spinach sundried tomato omelet and the bf got the eggs benedict. I wish I had room in my stomach to try the red velvet pancakes which someone ordered at the table next to us. Looked delectably scrumptious. Afterwards, I headed toward Westwood to check out an ice cream shop (name of the place will not be revealed until I get a taste) that my sister raved about. So, we picked her up along the way. She was exited that I was wearing this random tank that she bought for me years ago reappear. It went great with my diy cropped boyfriend jeans (used to be long bootcut jeans from abercrombie from yearssss ago). Unfortunately, that particular day the ice cream place happened to be cleaning/reorganizing the place... and wouldn't be open until several hours later. Thus, we walked around the cute little area (diesel bookstore? haha), dropped off the sis, and sadly headed home. Maybe we'll make it next time.


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