Go to Korea

I came across this ad through nylonmag. Of course, my curiosity induced uncovering more information. Initially, I assumed a play on words of "Seoul" with "soul," which is utilized pretty often, but soon became convinced that there is no play on words at all. It is literally asking you to sell your reason of why you deserve to receive a free trip to Seoul. As I looked through the application and the blog that they have, the competition is pretty steep if you are actually Korean, in my opinion. In a totally different light, I didn't realize how many non-Koreans have such a love for Korea and desire to visit. The opinionated bf will probably find this whole thing slightly ridiculous in the same way he views pretentious mainstream attempts to appeal to non-Koreans with things like "kalbi burgers" and "gogi tacos," and claiming a love for Korean food. In any case, if you have time in September, apply for a free trip to Korea... See the site here, and their blog here.


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