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Freedom and Fashion

I was given the incredible opportunity to work with Freedom and Fashion this past weekend in Santa Barbara. They are a non-profit organization that fights against human trafficking and the exploitive sex industry through utilizing fashion and art. They work with other partners such as LiNK and the Princess Project. Read more about them here. It was sooo much fun working with their staff and the photographer, Christianne Taylor (and her doggie). These photos were taken by someone on the Freedom and Fashion staff throughout the shoot. As you can see, there was lots of teasing of the hair, which took forever to undo in the shower. (third photo, before make-up) Check out their website! I can't wait to see how the actual photos came out... Thank you FnF~ I still have photos back from when I traversed around Huntington Library that I still have to look through... School is taking up most of my time. Will update again soon!


  1. Angela, I hadn't viewed your blog in so long so, since i was procrastinating at the library, I decided to take a look. Little did i know it would take me forever, since you were a busy bee over the summer! All the pics were great, and with the number of food pictures there were, I am now officially starving and must go eat!

  2. ANGELA, I LOVE your hair in this photoshoot!! you are so pretty!! i think all my comments on your blog are about how pretty you are...i just cant help it, its the truth ;)


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