Fairfax and Melrose

top, UO; skirt, bracelets, F21; sandals, LF Stores; bag, Valentina; sunglasses, D&G

I've been wanting to check-out the flea market on Fairfax and Melrose for a while now. Although I debated the Rose Bowl Flea Market (2nd Sunday of every month), the one on Fairfax seemed more plausible since it was already 1pm. After eating at Mao's Kitchen (yummy chinese fusion- excellent lunch specials) on Melrose, we headed a few streets down to Fairfax. There was a souped up sports car photo shoot going on nearby... So after watching them for a while, we paid the $2 and went inside. The prices were slightly pretentious, as warned on yelp, but I still came out happy with two new pieces of fab jewelry (photos to come!). There were amazing beaded chairs, fake Louis Vuitton bags, fur jackets, furniture, and all sorts of jewelry. There was lots of walking involved which made me realize that my sandals still need to get broken in. The rest of my outfit was comfy and perfect for the heat and slight breeze, which made for great flea market weather. Apparently, the Rose Bowl Flea Market is super huge and costs $8 to get in... debating for next month~


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