Encountering Little Ethiopia

tank, LF Stores; jeans, Furst Premium- LF Stores; shoes, H&M

Being a connoiseur of trying new things, the bf finally got his long awaited taste of Ethiopian food. After frantically attempting to load yelp on his blackberry, we decided on Little Ethiopia on Fairfax in the midst of a bunch of other intriguing Ethiopian eateries. I know we ordered chicken and vegetables... the only name I remember is "injera" which refers to the thin pancake-like bread (shown in pic). We chose injera over rice (in attempts to have an actual cultural experience). The injera was actually helpful in getting the food in my mount and not all over my hands, considering there were no utensils... The food was interesting, to say the least. There's no chance I'll become a regular, but it was fun and tasty as a first try kind of thing. Both the tank and jeans were luckily acquired at a LF sample sale and ceases to bring comfort and quick decision making skills in the morning while getting dressed. On a side note, I made it to Huntington Library this past weekend and cannot wait to look through the pictures~ It's so utterly gorgeous there.


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