where were the 3D effects exactly...?

ruffle dress, uniqlo; jacket, h&m

 After disappointingly missing the breakfast menu at mcdonalds, we wandered over to a random breakfast joint, hoping for something remotely equivalent and satisfying as hotcakes and sausage. It was pretty good, but compared to 2.89 at mcd's... I don't really know how to compare the two. I received this cute ruffle accent uniqlo dress from my sister a few weeks back... Perfect for dressing up or down.. right in that middle area. I also watched the last airbender... Not realizing it was geared towards elementary school kids. (C'mon.. batman, harry potter, etc., are all adult-watchable). Anyway, with dev patel (slumdog millionaire) playing one of the main villains, the random accusations of racism surrounding the movie, and a free 3d movie ticket, I thought it was worth a sit-thru. Well, there were no 3d effects... and concerning the nature of the movie, I swear there could have been a bajillion opportunities to make the audience gasp with amazement... Unfortunately, the subtitles were about it. If it wasn't for the slightly blurry-ness that comes with watching a 3D movie, I would have just watched it sans the heavy glasses. But in the end, it was entertaining.. though the bf seemed embarassed to have watched it at all.


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