The Things You Randomly Notice

shorts, Zara; tank and leopard wedges, H&M
Went on a journey to Ikea to purchase a table and some benches for the bf. Of course, before looking at anything, we had to hit up the swedish meatballs with lingonberry sauce. Grabbed some random items that always ends up happening at Ikea and took photos in different room set ups like I owned the place. Luckily, the shoes and harem pants were made for walking and comfort. After the tiresome furniture shopping, we headed to Scoops to see what flavors they happened to have in store. I guess by that late in the afternoon, the flavor options shrink significantly. Still, the pomegranate and banana nutella were still a hit in my book. As soon as I had my ice cream in hand, I had to get out of there due to the lack of airconditioning and over-quota amount of people exerting their body heat. Turns out, right before I got in the car, I noticed the mural across the street... featuring none other than yours truly, michael jackson.


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