Rodeo and SLS Hotel

tank, LF Stores; jeans, LF Stores; jacket, H&M; scarf, Fluxus; bracelet, gift from sis
So the bf's bro came to visit los angeles for a day after a business trip to Seattle. However, apparently one can accomplish numerous things in la in a single day. We walked around Rodeo Drive, ate dinner at Ruth Chris Steakhouse, stopped by the Beverly Center, and then went to SLS Hotel to check out a lounge. The food was fab, rodeo was a blast, and the hotel is worth going. We ordered some Corzo tequila... and then took a bunch of pictures with the random yet intriguing pieces of furniture. Hence, the pictures with the red lit up chair, mirrored bathroom stall, funky wall piece, etc. This ripped tank is from LF as well as the furst premium denim jeans... The fluxus scarf is so versatile that I've been over-wearing it.


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