Ralphs in Downtown LA

shorts, F21; tank and leopard wedges, H&M
Downtown LA is still steps behind in creating a city-life equivalent to NYC or San Francisco...with their easily accessible corner stores that allow for picking up essentials for an unexpected meal at home after work or emergency toilet paper. However, I never really noticed the rather large Ralphs that exists on 9th and Flower. It turns out that it opened back in 2007 after the last Ralphs in downtown closed in 1950. It may be the recent surge of residents moving into the brand new high-rise condos/apts and the remodeling of older ones that are still sporting the outdoor metal fire escapes. Some say it's going to be the new WeHo (West Hollywood). In any case, the Ralphs was packed; which goes to show that I probably didn't notice it was there because I don't live downtown. The elevator area had tiles decorated with emoticons which gave way to a photo opportunity to feature my leopard print wedges from hm. So super comfortable (and mind-blowingly affordable) that I can probably walk the entire city in them without any swollen toes. That's what I call real wedges.


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