It All Began With My Sister's Suggestion

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After a simple suggestion of trying some awesome burgers at The Counter, I randomly ended up there one night. The menu is extensive to say the least. You get to pick the type of burger and size(chicken, meat, veggie, fish), the bun, up to 4 toppings, cheese, and sauce... with your choice of adding any other wild ingredient for just about fifty cents. We started with some tasty sweet potato fries (single order is $1.75) Then the real fun began. I went with the 1/4 meat patty, with grilled pineapples, green chiles, grilled onions, and organic mixed greens... horseradish cheddar cheese, honey mustard sauce, and extra wasabi aioli sauce. The bf dangerously ordered the 1lb.burger which I swear could have filled us both if we split it in half. Of course, his choice of toppings had to be unordinary as well... Cranberries, cole slaw, jalapenos, and tomatoes, with mozarella cheese and wasabi aioli sauce. Both burgers were extremely tasty and had us wobbling out of there, exceeding the boundaries of gluttony. Thus, we decided to walk around Hollywood like tourists to aid our poor stomachs with the digestion process. Photos of our touristy photos coming soon~ Tonight, I will be heading for korean bbq for a friend's birthday... I hope my stomach is ready.
~happy birthday gise~


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