Hello Santa Barbara

dress, Nation Ltd; neon bralette, LF Stores; belt, H&M
I made it to Santa Barbara for a day trip this past saturday... the drive wasn't so bad at all... definitely shorter than the infinite commute I had to san diego on the weekends when I was in college. We went up the courthouse tower (was on the list of "things to do"- and c'mon, i go to law school) for a great view. It's apparently the tallest building in sb? (4th floor) Inside was an old mosaic style motif which was so pretty. This nation ltd dress was featured in a previous post... amazing what adding a belt can do...However, I did have a bit of trouble keeping the wind from blowing the skirt up and giving a free show. Next, we went wine tasting at Santa Barbara Winery (5 wines for $5 and you get to keep the glass). Then headed to Giessinger Winery just a little down the street (17 wines for $8, but no glass). The ice cream on the wharf looked so tempting... until I walked inside and realized it was rite-aid ice cream selling for $3.75. Shocked, I decided I'd rather have my rite-aid ice cream for a dollar at an actual rite-aid. Oh yea, welcome to my new blog design.


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