Hello Santa Barbara 2

dress, f21; sweater, urbanoutfitters; sunglasses, juicy
More snapshots of sb. As I mentioned, the blue Nation dress was causing some stress with constantly having to hold it down due to the wind on Stearn's Wharf. I changed into a dress that I had packed just in case of a situation like this or the high possibility of spilling wine on myself. Grabbed some crab on the wharf(too small and too windy), and then walked around State street while the bf got an entire 20 min massage at brookstone (there is a lazy boy that actually takes all your measurements prior to massaging you...) Didn't end up buying anything, but had fun strolling around until my beach hair started to really bug me and the bf's restlessness from following me around really began to take its toll.


  1. You are sooo prettttyyyy!!! i miss you. love, sister


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