when there's lovely weather

jacket, h&m; shorts, diy zara; tank, uo; shoes, clarks

For some reason, I always have a camera at the grove, and find endless opportunities to snap a photo... one of which usually includes some type of mouthwatering food. This time it was bennett's ice cream. After the "banana split" fiasco at americana the day prior, we did the same at the grove. After walking around and enjoying the crowdedness associated with the sale at nordstrom and tourists (I fit right in with my camera, taking pictures right along with them), we watched iron man2 as the finishing touch to the holiday. The clarks shoes have recently been making all my other shoes jealous... they somehow go with whatever I happen to be wearing, and are so comfy... and conveniently makes the time spent in the fitting room efficiently shorter... thus, more bearable for the bf.


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