pollo a la brasa

tank, tcec; jeans, sweater, f21

yes, i'm wearing a fanny pack. As the epitome of fashion faux pas, I can come to terms with those who wear it religiously. It is hands/arm/shoulder free convenience. The tcec tank auspiciously fell into my lap after hanging out at the bf's work... so I put it on for blog posting right away. If you live in la, you may have passed by this "island" where 8th street and western coincide with a sign reading pollo a la brasa (peruvian food owned by a japanese lady). I only noticed it as a vexatious unnecessary placement of cement which only makes figuring out which street light applies to me all the more confusing. However, once you find parking randomly and cross at least two streets to get to it, you can already smell the wood fired chicken tickling the nostrils. I tried to take a picture of it through the glass, which was slightly unsuccessful... but posed with the outside stack of firewood... which brought back nostalgic memories of cabins in big bear. They have this amazing spicy green sauce (peruvian aji sauce) which I practically drowned every piece of chicken in... and for the price, i couldnt have been happier.


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