new zealand natural

shorts, diy zara; top, f21

Due to the bf's random recent cravings for banana splits, we infiltrated yet another ice cream joint. This time, it was new zealand natural, which is now the official ice cream for the staples center. We went to LA live to get some and even found some lucky parking to avoid the large crowd which I assumed were gathering for a concert I didnt have tickets to. You can even get coupons from their website for a buck off a regular or large size ice cream. Their flavors are all natural, and rich and creamy to say the least. We had the hokey pokey, cookies n' cream, green tea, macadamia nut, coffee... I had my own and we also shared a banana split. And yes, I am holding a cleanly licked spoon full of nuts, fudge, and caramel that conveniently hardened to create a souvenier candy stick to carry along with me. I'm wearing just a comfy top from forever 21 and shorts that were created from some capri pants from zara. Although the magenta tipped ends finally decided to do a clear cameo in these photos, they are now masked by blue velvet.


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