misunderstandings and surprises

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The twists and turns of lies and stress that are associated with throwing surprise bday parties was manifested in the most blatant way. One of my lovely sisters planned one of these dangerous events for me this past weekend at buddha belly (food was delish... I even went again two days later). My plan for saturday consisted of spending the day out on balboa island in newport beach. The anticipation of taking the car onto ten minute ferry ride for $2.00 was the main motive. After preparing a concoction of grated browned apples for the bf's supposed "diarrhea" and forcing him to eat it in the car, we were on our way. I didn't realize that it was his attempt to reschedule our balboa island outing for another weekend in order to guarantee arriving on time for the surprise dinner. Unfortunate for him, my determination to make it happen on that particular day won (it had been postponed for weeks... and I didn't want to push it another week). The ferry ride was short but enjoyable... and the frozen banana is worth the drive there... i provided a zoomed in image of a fat pigeon attempting to have a taste right after i bought it. Finally we ended the day with the unexpected dinner... my sister gifted the gorgeous chain bracelet as seen above (she had given it to me few days prior), facial and sephora card from the bestbuds, clutch and canada love from my study buddy, and hundred dollar gift cards to stuff my closet with from the bf after much complaining that I'm the hardest person to shop for... thanks to all those who came out <3


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