my hiatus is over

romper, luluvia; pant, zara; jacket, h&m; tank, c&c

yes. my summer has officially begun. I kicked it off with lots of catching up on sleep. Then, korean bbq and friend's bday party at busbys. Then, snagged some free tickets to the jyp/2am concert on sunday night extremely last minute... *happy sigh* finally... i'm basking in the deliciousness of doing whatever I feel like... which includes painting my nails in the morning and photoshop experimenting. I can already feel that time will speed itself up to spite me... but I'm too happy to really care. Now that I'm free, posts will be back to normal... maybe even more frequent... on a side note, the jyp concert was entertaining. his stamina for nonstop singing and dancing is amazing. another side note... i'm ready to withstand my mom's horror for getting an even darker tan at the beach... but where is the hot hot weather?


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