San Francisco - the bridge

coat, MK; shirt, hanes; cardigan, f21

I made it up to norcal once again... before the anxiety of approaching finals settles in. Driving up in the middle of the night meant arriving in sf sans make up, waking up to the view of the bridge at 6am. We turned into a little area that allows you to park your car and for some reason had some abandoned army-like area that you pass as you walk toward the edge of the hill. It was freezing cold... but the sky looked like it was gonna promise some sun, which it did. I felt like everywhere I went was a picture moment... probably drove the bf crazy. Did the touristy thing and carried around the camera while taking pictures with a cable car and hilly streets. More importanty, the drive was totally worth the much anticipated naan n' curry, la med, and bi rite creamery... yummy. I need to move here. More posts to come!


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