Its so rare that i complain at the beach

tank dress, F21; open cardigan, Michael Kors; bf's shoe, adidas

Although the photos may appear otherwise, the beach was a lot colder than expected. For some reason, in most of the pictures, i'm squinting as if it was a perfect day for the beach. I dragged my books, packed a few towels, grabbed my crack-starbucks, and headed over. Though I attempted to read a few pages of my property book, I ended up wrapping myself in all the towels within my reach and wanting to go home... hahaha... So after spending $$$ putting money in the meter for parking, I went for a warm dinner. The tank dress was an anti-impulse decision, which involved driving the bf nuts and standing in line twice. Off to san francisco this weekend... Happy Easter!


  1. Angela! I had viewed your blog in a while so as I sit here in the lonely library with my crack cup for the day..i thought i'd take a look! You updated a lot!!
    What possessed you to go to the beach in this FREEZING cold weather? HAHA such a wuss!

  2. Uhnee!! You look so pretty here. You so cute!

  3. uhnee take me to the beach!

  4. remember that one time we packed egg sandwiches and went to venice beach? (...specifically venice b/c you thought they were filming a movie and were hoping to be an "extra" in the background, rolling to shore with the waves?)

    good times.


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