Vegan Food Tastes Good

jacket, Levis

In light of attempting to eat healthy and respecting a lenten friday (thus no meat) we decided to give a test run to this vegan joint in silver lake... after reading loads of different reviews for vegetarian places in la, the overload of positive reviews on yelp <3 made Cru the winning choice. Much to my surprise, there was already a bunch of people waiting outside for a table... so as we joined the crowd on the narrow sidewalk, i snagged a seat at this cool checkerboard table (which actually belongs to the deli next door) and induced the bf to take a picture. The food was pretty good. we got the risotto and linguini... all totally vegan and raw. It tasted different from how it looked, (because I'm used to the texture that you would expect when ordering such items somewhere else) it was really yummy. Though the portions were a bit smaller considering the cost, it was worth a try and we certainly felt healthy walking out and glad that we weren't suffering from extreme food coma like we always do. In the end, I just really liked that checkerboard table. Oh the little things you discover in silver lake. no wonder all the cool kids live there. hahaha.


  1. I'm such a devoted follower.
    Love, Jane

  2. as am i.
    Love Love, Stella

  3. me too.
    Love Love Love, Kyu

  4. Silver lake is dirty.

  5. i am too.
    love love love love mom

  6. ahahahahha uhnee ur funny. and so is mother.


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