'Tis the Lenten Season

top, primark; pants, f21

Driving at night, my old private school captured my attention. Being lent and all, I though a post including a pretty catholic church was fitting. I got the bf to pull over, and attempt some make-do photos with the eerie light from the lamp with his crackberry (hence the grainy photos) I remembered donning the plaid jumper through third grade, while eagerly waiting to wear the classic plaid skirt with white button down blouse uniform starting 4th grade... unfortunately, i moved, changed schools, and never got the chance. This t-shirt caught my eye when i was in london last year, and primark prices just rock my socks... especially when having to pay in pounds. my spring break is officially over... and unfortunately, i didnt get to post as much as i wanted... bummer. another bummer, losing an hour of sleep. Hopefully the warmer weather will bring more inspirational outdoor posts. happy spring.


  1. I love the look of these pics. The pixelation adds an interesting touch. Lovely as usual! Hope you had a wonderful break!


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