Food Court and Alice

top, f21; shorts, target; fishnets, topshop; socks, UO; belt, gap

I took a change in scenery and upon suggestion, decided to navigate my way to century city plaza to watch Alice in Wonderland. Arriving a bit late, most the stores were closed, but the food court was quite impressive. Equipped with a hand wash station, and everything from bourgeouis variations of thai and panda express to alcohol. We opted for "take a bao"; panang noodles, chilled chicken peanut noodles, spicy sweet potato fries, and a nice glass of wine... filling and yummy. Then we headed over for the movie. In IMAX and 3d, hence the special funky glasses. Slightly heavy on my nose and ears, but the effects they produced were amazing and images absolutely gorgeous. It was fun, but it was def a kid movie... I know I'm not THAT mature... but still. hahaha.


  1. hahaha. uhnee.. your pictures make me laugh sometimes. you are kind of weird. anyways. I woke up so late this morning that I ended up mismatching all my clothes and didn't realize until it was too late. I love you! call me.


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