breezy day at the pier

jacket, H&M; sunglasses, Juicy; chain purse, Zara; scarf, vintage

It was a breezy with sporadic glimpses of sun  kind of day. It had been a while since I stepped foot on the wooden planks of the good ol' touristy spot called santa monica pier. It was spring break. Though attempting to be a tour guide, I found myself just as immersed in the scenery like those who were simply visiting los angeles. Although the photo fails to portray the bunch of other people gawking at the pelican sighting, I promise I wasn't the only one insisting on a picture while wildly pointing to it. The visit was brief considering the weather, and after enjoying a beer at the mexican place located at the end of the pier, we were ready to leave. The scarf was forced upon me, after allegations that I wasn't dressed warmly enough... and actually it did help keep me warm when the wind decided to get a little stronger. I did end up going to manhattan beach the following weekend and actually layed out on the sand for a while... though it was still too chilly to fully enjoy it. Pictures soon to come. I can't wait till summer.


  1. great pictures...summer is coming soo soon, get ready

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

  2. nice glasses...the outfit goes well together


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