We are the World 2010

jacket, Zara

The  iconic song written by yours truly michael jackson and lionel richie has resurfaced with a remake for the victims in haiti. Though originally made back in 1985 to fight famine in Africa, the recent tragedy in haiti convinced richie that a revisit to the song was necessary. i love how this tribute still brings the heart of michael jackson (the only artist from the original that appears on the remake) and actually brings a warm feeling when hearing his voice put into the new version. The collaboration of artists is remarkable, bringing everyone from wyclef, celine dion, pink, usher, snoop dogg to members of the beach boys... the infusion of rap was perfectly done and trying to guess the voice to the artist is only half the fun of listening to the song on repeat. Go download on itunes or watch it here on youtube. r.i.p. michael jackson. 25 for Haiti. xoxo


  1. nicee hair. your jacket is nice. is it still at zara?


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