Stress + Impulse Decisions = Purple

jacket, Levis; tights, See You Monday; tops, UO; shoes, Korea

After a grueling memorandum paper, I headed over to get my weekend started. I wanted to get some good shots of the clouds hovering in the sky, promising rain... which they delivered. After stressing over a variety of some necessary and unnecessary things, I decided to dye my hair... for the first time. I followed the bf to get his haircut, and it ended with him waiting for me to finish getting my hair bleached and dyed. Though I was hoping to attain the essence of having my hair dipped in grape soda purple, it turned out to be more like hawaiian punch. But I love the way it came out, and pleasantly surprised and glad that it doesn't look like dry tangled straw at the ends of my hair after all the chemicals it endured. Although, after several washes, the color has been getting more and more vibrant. Funnnnnn. Less than two weeks 'till spring break!


  1. you actually did something to your hair. angela... you've changed.

  2. oooh the hair looks pretty. I like the first picture. call me uhnee! gracias.

  3. ANGELAA you look GORGEOUS!! the hair is amazing!! LOVE IT!!

  4. I love the purple color!! The little highlights look so pretty!! You're so beautiful I love the whole look!! Feel free to visit/follow my blog!



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