Gotta Love Eighty Degree Weekends in February

top and boots, LF stores; tights, Hue

Though I never end up buying anything on Melrose, looking into store windows and people watching while strolling along the sidewalk is pretty fun in itself. Combine that with the jealousy creating southern california weather we experienced this weekend, and I'm more than happy. I luckily found the top and boots at a sample sale...and the compliments I've gotten on the boots have been endless everytime I wear them. The bf had sent me a photo text message several weeks ago when he stumbled upon the drawing of michael, but I didn't realize it was part of an exceptional triple collection. I  had to take a photo with the blatant talent that completely captured my attention. If by strange chance someone happens to know the artist, I would love to see more. By this time, my motivation to study has gone from dwindling to absent. It has resulted in more studio pictures during my study breaks...and slowly counting down to spring break.


  1. thanks for the comment on my illustration blog...i love what you have going on here as well!!


  2. nice outfit, awesome boots
    great posts, love ur page!

    :) byee

  3. angela! this is the other angela from cv haha i like your blog :) and you have GOOD style! yay blogging~

  4. you wore the boots! they are cute!!!!!!!! i like themmmmmmmmm.. let me borrow them one day haha.. i love the first picture by the way..

  5. your so cute im following you and lovely outfit!!


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